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Natalie DiPentino Candidate For Maine State House District 28

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Natalie's Endorsements

Endorsed by the Sierra Club's Maine Chapter Endorsed by the Maine Education Association Endorsed by the Maine AFL-CIO Endorsed by EqualityMaine Endorsed by Our Revolution Maine Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund

Natalie On The Issues

Natalie holds strong positions on the issues that affect us and our communities and puts the people before anything else. She is most passionate about the issues concerning our schools, our children, and our seniors. Natalie is eager for the opportunity to represent the fine people of our district and is looking forward to listening to their concerns and being their voice.

Education and cultural affairs

Senior issues, their access to services and quality of care

Finding a solution to the drug epidemic in our community

Keeping our gun laws exactly as they are

Increasing, or at least retaining, tourism in our area

Supporting small businesses

About Natalie DiPentino

Hello, I am Natalie DiPentino. I've had the honor of living in Enfield Maine for a decade so far. I may be "from away" but I am here to stay! I am a mother, grandmother, daughter, granddaughter, neighbor, and friend. I love everything about this beautiful state, especially the people in it.

To my community, my state, and my country I am committed to serving. I understand and am mindful of what being a public servant means. I understand that I work for you in every capacity for which I am elected or choose to serve, and it is my pleasure.

I recently formed the Lincoln Lakes Regional Democratic Committee (LLRDC) for which I was elected Chair. It is my hope that this committee grows and becomes an organization where people with shared values and interests not only support each other and all of the candidates (Present & future) but find fellowship and uplift the community with events, projects, and service....and have fun doing so.

Currently, we serve the communities of Enfield, Howland, and Lincoln with room to grow. I look forward to the day that I hand off the leadership of this organization to someone just as inspired and capable as myself.

In 2020, I was elected to the SAD31 school board. I am honored and grateful for this responsibility & to be a part of this diverse team serving our district.

I was invited to serve on Howland's Economic Development Committee (EDC) and act as a liaison between the towns. This committee has made amazing progress and continues to do so. I am honored to be a part of it.

In 2020, I was asked to be on the Enfield Budget committee for which I am proud to serve. I will also be on future committees that are in the works.

The only other committee assignment I was able to take on because I feel so passionately about it, was the AOS43 Curriculum and Policy committees. I did turn down other positions and committees because it is my heart's desire to serve District 28 in the legislature. I am the best candidate for this position.

I offer an abundance of resilience and tenacity. My loss in 2020 was epic. It was my first time. My only regret was letting down the people that believed in me. I decided to do better. I was accepted and completed the Emerge program and graduated in 2021. This, along with the party's T3 training, has prepared me to run harder and smarter.

In addition to resilience, I bring passion and creativity. I am passionate about the issues that affect our children, seniors, economy, and environment. There is no problem for which there aren't several solutions. While I am a natural leader, I am also an excellent team player. Many hands make for lighter work... and many brains come up with solutions that work.

The legislature is not a solo act. I was called to this work. I have all of the skills necessary to represent you with excellence and get the work done. I know this is a red stronghold and I know this is an uphill race. Democracy is on the line and I am in this to win this. I will need your help and your vote. You won't be disappointed.

I have bent your ear long enough. If you want to know more about me, just ask. If you have a concern or idea, just contact me.

P.S. I won't take your guns.

—Natalie DiPentino

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